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About our “Name Your Price” model.

We believe everyone should have access to news about their community, regardless of their ability to pay. That’s why we’ve implemented a “name your price” option for subscriptions and made our content free for those who can’t afford to pay the full rate. It’s an experiment in community-funded journalism. Try it out and let us know what you think…

Pat Davis, Owner, Publisher

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“Name Your Price” model is an experiment in community-funded journalism

Sometimes the people who need the news the most are those who have the least ability to pay for it. That’s why we are launching a new experiment in community-funded journalism: “Name Your Price” subscriptions.

First, we make free copies available to those who need one.

Free pickups are on the honor system. We don’t ask you to prove poverty or fill out paperwork. It’s OK to take one if you forgot your quarter, too.

Find a free copy: Our web and email edition content is always available for free online at, on social media, and by email subscription. We also make one newspaper box inside the Corrales Village Hall free for anyone who can’t afford to buy a copy.

News in the classroom copies: We make The Corrales Comment free to educators at Corrales Elementary and other schools serving Corrales. Educators interested in requesting “news in the classroom” copies should email

Also, paying subscribers have the option to name your price.

It costs us just over $1.15 to write, edit, print and deliver each issue to home subscribers. Our recommended subscription rate for 26 issues a year is just $36. That works out to about $0.25 per copy we can put back into the paper’s operations.

But, if that’s too much for your budget right now, you can choose any price you can afford to pay down to our cost to write, print and deliver it. The online subscription page provide an option to select your own price.

If you can afford it, we also give you the option to add a tip to your online order.

Reader donations help us subsidize subscriptions for educators and students at Corrales Elementary and low-income readers across the village. Donations also support our local journalists who pitch expanded coverage and special topics we can’t normally cover. Just use the “Leave a tip!” option on the checkout page.

The “87048” weekly email edition.

For readers who want more than a bi-weekly newspaper, we offer our weekly email edition we call simply “87048.” 87048 features feel good stories about the village you won’t read in print, along with staff and reader picks of the best food, events and things to do for the week ahead. Try it out – it’s free!

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