Optum Health: Don’t Trip and Fall

By Optum Staff Falls are Not an Inevitable Consequence of Aging Tips for Fall Prevention  National Fall Prevention Awareness Day is September 22. The more we know about typical causes for falls, the better we are able to prevent them. Preventing falls may seem to be more of a safety topic than a medical topic, … Continue reading Optum Health: Don’t Trip and Fall

Local Treasure: Yolanda Howren Jones

Her process is deeply personal yet easy for any creative person to understand. “It’s all about how a window looks, sometimes a lace curtain, a line or a color,” said Yolanda Howgren Jones, recently selected a Local Treasure by the Albuquerque Art Business Association on the recommendation of Michael Lakoff of Ricochet Gallery. “Or shadows, … Continue reading Local Treasure: Yolanda Howren Jones

Yay For Open Space!

Instead of boos, the Village of Los Ranchos governing table faced a happy crowd at its special meeting held Monday, Aug. 29. The single agenda item was an $8 million general obligation bond question for open space land purchases. The question will be put on the upcoming November ballot. Money For Beauty Mayor Don Lopez, … Continue reading Yay For Open Space!

Lower Walls Make Better Neighbors

At the Village Council meeting on Aug. 23, councilors unanimously affirmed the wall-and-fence height ordinance. Now Corraleños and visitors will not fear having to drive through a tunnel from one end of the Village to the other and still can enjoy views that are more than glimpses along the way. The new ordinance’s Chapter 18 … Continue reading Lower Walls Make Better Neighbors

Scene Around Corrales

CASTLE IN CORRALES? Being built by Candelaria Homes—“It’s a Lifestyle”–on a lot on Corrales Road at Toad Road, is this spread, said to be worth $1.3 million. Two fellows installing steel fencing around the lot said they were friends of the owners, a Venezuelan-born surgeon, and her husband, a native New Mexican. “No, they are not … Continue reading Scene Around Corrales