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Buddy and Connie Sanchez of Corrales died less than three weeks apart in November; he on November 6 and she on Thanksgiving Day.

They had lived here about five years, after retiring in Colorado where she was well known as founder and owner of The Glass Warehouse which specialized in stained glass and fused glass art.

Eulojio “Buddy” Sanchez was born in Belen. After distinguished service in the Army, he returned to Belen and married Kansas native Connie Sue Hogan. They moved to Englewood, Colorado where he worked for Martin Marietta and she taught high school English. She went to work at a stained glass store when led to starting The Glass Warehouse.

Pieces of her glass art hang in churches and celebrities’ homes.

A celebration of their lives will be announced later. They are survived by his sister Ruth Morris, and his brother, Larry Sanchez, as well as her brothers Daniel, Tom and David Hogan and their families.

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