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‘Tis the season.

Our responses to it were formed when we were very young. It was the happiest of times, of family gatherings, all the colored lights and candles, tinsel, and of presents – a time of accumulation.

Now, for many of us, it’s, well, it’s now; a time more of decluttering than accumulating more stuff. For many of us it’s a time for thinning things out, for giving away, simplifying.

Childhood was our time for receiving. As we grew up, we came more and more to appreciate that this is most importantly the season for giving, for finding the right something to do or share or give to make your friends and loved ones smile, to give them happiness. And for reaching out and helping others including people we may not even know personally.

With time and experience in living, we learn that giving is actually the greatest joy – at any time but especially in this season that is special to so many peoples of different faiths and cultures.

And when one thinks of community, it is the sharing and giving that radiates, that gives everything meaning.

In essence, that is the meaning and the heart of Village in the Village; it’s a community of people brought together in, and because of, the spirit of giving, of helping, of lending a hand – and of spending time in the company of friends who feel the same way.

ViV’s purpose is to enable our neighbors to continue to live independently as long as they are capable of doing so. Providing services like rides to appointments, basic technical help, assistance with small household odd jobs, companionship visits, and a variety of social activities so they can stay active in the community. It’s a cause we all embrace and celebrate.

But the joy of it all comes from the giving.

So at this special season, we want to give our thanks and gratitude to all who make up ViV, those who sponsor our activities, and to everyone who gives of your time and resources to support one another and others.

May you have a joyous Holiday Season and the very happiest of New Years.

– From the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Village in the Village, Corrales

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