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By Barry Abel

Village in the Village

Giving Thanks

Some of us grew up here, or close enough to want to live here “one day.” Many others found Corrales after spending years and years in other places, often several other places. In other words, Corrales is our chosen place.

But what turns a place into a community, a community into home?

Lots of answers to that, of course. But among them, certainly, is caring – for the place and for the people we share it with.

Certainly, the members of Village in the Village/Corrales (ViV) hold caring for their fellow Corraleños high among their values. Doing something to help enable others —friends, neighbors, others who share our love for the place we call home— is among their foremost motivations.

So, in this time of Thanksgiving, you may join us in honoring and giving thanks to those business owners who feel the same way and have chosen to sponsor ViV and its activities.

ViV’s Joseph Henderson, who interacts with businesses and about joining the ranks of our Sponsors, has a different approach to his mission. He doesn’t talk with them about publicity they will get from their sponsorship of ViV. He doesn’t talk about them getting additional business for their sponsorship efforts.

He talks with them about what ViV is all about, what it does, and how it’s possible for them to play a very important role in helping us accomplish what we do —assisting our fellow Corraleños in continuing to live independently, even as the years go by and challenges arise, just as long as they want to and it is still physically possible.

Joseph tells us it is that to which these community-minded organizations and businesses respond. And they do respond, with their contributions and their hearts.

“As a volunteer with Village in the Village over the last several months I have had the honor and privilege to visit some Corrales area businesses to invite them to participate in our sponsorship program. I want to say that, without exception, these business owners are some the kindest and most compassionate people I have ever met.

“They all exhibited generosity and community consciousness as they joined with us to help provide assistance to that segment of the population, here in our own village,  that needs a little help. They exemplify the true spirit of Corrales, that heartfelt kindness that causes us to enjoy helping each other.

“They have stepped up and committed to be a part of our efforts and deserve to be recognized. They have our profound gratitude and respect. I want to encourage everyone who is reading this article to consider stopping by and thanking them personally. They are truly a big part of what makes Corrales the wonderful place it is.”

While we’re giving thanks in this season, we hope you will join us in expressing our thanks to:

  • 3C’S Bistro
  • Corrales Bistro
  • Corrales Realty
  • Cottonwood Family Medicine
  • Harris Jewelers
  • Ideum
  • Road Runner Hospice
  • SWOP (southwest organic products)
  • Village Pizza

And may we wish you the best possible Thanksgiving season.

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