A celebration of the Village of Corrales’ 50th anniversary of incorporation as a municipality is being re-scheduled for some time next month. In 1971, Corrales residents —mostly farmers and weekend farmers, university professors, Sandia Labs scientists, engineers and technicians and self-employed tradesmen— felt threatened by the prospect that the developers of Rio Rancho Estates would annex lands here as well. So they preemptively formed their own municipal government as protection. Mayor  Jo Anne Roake had planned activities to commemorate the incorporation earlier this year, but pandemic precautions intervened.

“As soon as I can confirm a date (I am looking at mid-November), we will be unearthing the time capsule and putting together a new one,” the mayor told Corrales Comment October 15. “I want citizens to offer suggestions as to what items they would like to represent present times in the village.

“Second, it is our hope to have some activity celebrating our 50th at the Twinklelight Parade in early December.”

Twenty-five years ago, a time capsule was sealed with commemorative materials inside and entombed in a concrete vault outside the main entrance fo the Village Offices. Village officials and the Corrales Historical Society said at the time their intention was for the capsule to be opened on the Village’s 50th anniversary.

On July 4, 1997,villagers gathered to place the time capsule there which was to be opened September 22, 2021.  (See Corrales Comment Vol.XXXIV No.9 June 20, 2015 “Creepy, Crumbling Concrete Case Contains July 1997 Time Capsule.”)

Inside the concrete is a plywood box containing a metal box holding items of historic interest and other memorabilia. The capsule was purchased with funds donated by Intel Corporation.

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The following objects are expected to be found when the box is unlocked (if anyone can remember the combination):

  • A 1971 group photograph of the Village of Corrales’ first mayor and Village Council;
  • a group photo of the then-current mayor and council;
  • a list of all Village elected officials serving from 1971 to 1997;
  • group photos of the Corrales Volunteer Fire Department, Police Department, the Corrales Library staff and patrons of the Corrales Senior Center;
  • a postmark from the days when Corrales’ official name was “Sandoval;”
  • a photograph of the then-young Corrales Growers’ Market;
  • a videotape of the celebration of Corrales’ 25th anniversary at the Old Church;
  • photos of Corrales horses;
  • a message written by then-Mayor Gary Kanin;
  • a copy of former N.M. Senator Pauline Eisenstadt’s book on Corrales’ heritage;
  • a copy of Corrales Comment’s special edition on the 25th anniversary;
  • photographs by Jim Findley of Corrales’ first municipal election;
  • photographs of Corrales’ historic homes and structures; and
  • documents about the community’s early history.

Members of the time capsule project were: Jess Keegan, Rudy Miller, Barbara Pijoan, Del Sherrod, Michelle Frechette, Harry Roberts, Cliff Pedroncelli and Mary Harrington. Of those, only Pedroncelli, Frechette and Sherrod are thought to be still around or above ground.

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