Corrales kids of all ages will be thrilled to know that the annual “Trunk or Treat” event that they missed last year will be happening this Halloween, with just a few COVID-inspired modifications. The event, which has  historically taken place on Halloween night on the field east of the Corrales Recreation Center, was cancelled last year due to concerns over the pandemic in Corrales. This disappointed many villagers, according to Lynn Siverts, director of Parks and Recreation Department.

This year, those concerns remain, but he thinks he has found a way to host the event safely. “We were able to host our annual fun run in September with no issues that we know of. It went really well,” Siverts said. “So we are trying to tailor the “Trunk or Treat” off of that event.”

The event will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. instead of during the usual evening hours. Siverts explained this was due to the increased visibility at a daytime event, saying “It will be easier for families to stay together as we would like them to, and easier for us to tell if people are getting too close together.”

The fact that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year also helped with this decision, since the majority of villagers do not have to work.

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The organizers decided to forgo another popular tradition this year, the balloon glow. Siverts says the reasoning behind this decision was twofold. First, eliminating the balloons will make more room on the field for cars, which the department would like to space at least 30 feet apart. Second, balloons are much less impressive during the day.

There will be no electricity on the field available for “trunks” to use for decorations, and organizers are asking that no one bring trailers as was common in years past. Also, everyone attending the event should wear a mask.

“We want people to come, stay close to the family and friends they come with, get candy, and go home. And of course we want them to have fun!” Siverts said.

Mckenzie Jenkins is the new recreation specialist, and she is working closely with Siverts as the primary organizer for this event.

The Parks and Rec Department is asking for donations of candy. Though “trunks” bring their own candy, they typically run out, and the organizers replenish the stocks throughout the event. Candy can be donated at the Village Office. Anyone interested in being a “trunk” at the event can register by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at (505) 899-8900.

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Pat Davis

Pat Davis is the owner and publisher at Ctrl+P Publishing.

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