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A free presentation on large and small animal evacuations will be presented at the Seventh Day Adventist School gymnasium on July 19, at 6:30 pm.  The event, organized by the Corrales Equestrian Advisory Commission and Corrales Horse and Mule People (CHAMP), will feature Village first responders who will brief animal owners on the Corrales Animal Evacuation Plan and go over details. The gym is at 24 Academy Drive.  “Fire season is here, and the dry weather, hot temperatures and wind make for a dangerous combination. We have already had a close call, so it is imperative that animal owners are prepared for the worst possibility,” said Janet Blair, co-chair of the commission.  “Our evacuation plan is a good one, and we should be able to protect village residents and animals as long as everyone is familiar with it,” Blair added.

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The  presentation will include directions on how to prepare an emergency evacuation kit. Fire Department Commander Tanya Lattin said “We will go over how each person needs to build their own plan. The Village will call for an evacuation and set up holding sites, dependent on location. It is each person’s own responsibility to be able to evacuate their animals.”  

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Pat Davis

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