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No Starlight Parade this year, and no St. Nick community party, but a Christmas lights display has been assembled as a drive-by event at the Corrales Recreation Center. Colorful lights decorating the Village’s dump trucks, road graders, old fire trucks and other vehicles are illuminated each evening at dusk for motorists and families to enjoy while briefly passing the parking area at the east end of the rec center.

Those decorated vehicles will be parked and displayed right adjacent to the front playing field so that most of the parking lot will still be available for the Corrales Growers’ Market which holds its last market Sunday, December 20. Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Siverts said the parking of privately owned vehicles will not be allowed; only Village government equipment will be in the display. The event is not meant to be a stationary substitute for the popular Starlight Parade.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, visitors to the display will not be allowed to come into the parking area. The lights are to be enjoyed drive-by only, Siverts emphasized. “You’re not supposed to park and go in to look at it,” he said. The display will remain up and lit through December 28.

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