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At least 18 Corrales businesses have gotten grants of up to $10,000 in COVID-19 economic relief. And the deadline for new applications has been extended to November 10. The cap for such financial aid has been raised to $25,000 for each qualifying business, Mayor Jo Anne Roake announced October 30. Businesses already awarded $10,000 can now request an additional $15,000.

These grants derive from the federal CARES Act to help recover from economic disruptions caused by the pandemic. The local administrator, Tanya Lattin in the Corrales Fire Department, explained November 1 that “The Village of Corrales has re-opened the Small Business CARES grant program. Application period is November 1 to November 10, 2020. The State of New Mexico has given some new guidance on the grants; businesses may now have up to 100 full-time or part-time equivalents, and have revenue up to $5 million to be eligible.

“All business owners in Corrales are encouraged to review the application. Due to timeline for expenditure of all grant funding, this will be the final application period.” Questions should be directed to her by calling 702-4182, or by emailing tlattin@corrales-nm.org.


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She said businesses that have operated less than a year as of March 1 could also qualify, “depending on ability to prove financial impact.” The kinds of business expenses that may be reimbursed through the grants include payroll, rent or mortgage, insurance, utilities and marketing, as well as “business re-design” which might include installation of plexiglass barriers, purchase of personal protective equipment and web-conferencing technology.

The program is open to non-profit organizations as well, and to Internal Revenue Service 1099 contract employees who live in Corrales. Application forms can be found at the Village of Corrales website http://www.corrales-nm.org. Completed application forms can be emailed to the Village Clerk at agjullin@corrales-nm.org, or by mail to Village of Corrales, CARES Grant, 4324 Corrales Road, Corrales NM 87048. (See Corrales Comment Vol.XXIX No.13 September 19, 2020 “Corrales Businesses Can Apply for $10,000 Grants.”)

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