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Chip, a five month old miniature donkey, is Corrales’ new Pet Mayor. The winner was announced Sunday, November 1 by organizer Tracy Stabenow, who praised the enthusiasm of Corrales pet owners, as well as donors to candidates’ campaigns. This year’s event raised $2,733, $200 more than last year, remarkable given pandemic restrictions. The money will stay in Corrales to help the two- and four-leggeds in the village.

All candidates are expected to pick up their ribbons and prizes at the Village Mercantile on November 7 between 2 and 4 p.m. The prizes were donated by the Village Mercantile. The first runner up, and new Chief of Police, is Archie, a 12 year old Anatolian shepherd and lab mix. Snickers, the second runner up and new Village Administrator, is a one year old American guinea pig. The third runner up is JoJo, an eight month old standard poodle who now takes office as the new Village Judge.

Finally, in fourth place, is the new Director of Barks and Recreation, Samson, a four year old Anatolian shepherd who graduated at the top of his obedience school class. Voting online for the 2020 Pet Mayor began September 1, and ultimately included 13 candidates, with Angel, Moonshadow, Stinkerbelle, Jacqui, Olga, the duo Jack-Jack and Moose, and Abigail Fae part of the field: nine dogs, one cat, two donkeys and a guinea pig.


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