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Corralitos 4-H had “so many plans for this year and so many new members, it is really a bummer we have not been able to meet or do any of our community service projects,” reported 4-H leader Lacey Bendzus. New Mexico State University 4-H “cancelled all face-to-face 4-H activities until August 8, so we have not been able to do anything together, even with social distancing, at all,” she added. The Sandoval County Fair, a key event for Corralitos 4-H members, scheduled to run in Cuba from July 29 through August 2, has been cancelled. So organizers are creating a Virtual Livestock Show and Virtual Junior Livestock Sale.  The sale will be open to everyone.

Full details are available at: https://sandovalextension.nmsu.edu/documents /2020-virtual-show-guidelines.pdf

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Entries can be filed from July 1, with everything in by July 20. Winners in assorted categories will be announced July 29, 30, 31 and August 1. Bendzus said “We are really hoping we can have a successful sale so that the kids that did decide to purchase animals will have a chance of making back some of their money.”   Used to seeing the 4-H kids on a weekly basis during the summer months, Bendzus commented that “it has been hard. I miss my 4-H family so much. Still, the kids that did still purchase their animals are working hard with them during this downtime. Their commitment to the 4-H is amazing.”

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