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The Corrales Growers’ Market kicks off its regular season April 26, from 9 a.m. to noon, with about 14 masked vendors, and a small crew of volunteers, also masked.  Much as the market did successfully April 11, its volunteers Lisa, Jeanine, Mimo, Ryan, Tim and Dan, will assist vendors, and direct traffic, as the market once again uses a drive-thru setup.

The guidelines below established by the Corrales Growers’ Market for the April 11 experiment also apply to the upcoming market April 26. “This will be a drive-thru market only. All customers must remain in their vehicles. The market will setup in the rear Rec Center parking lot,” an organizer said. Customers will be directed to enter using the Post Office entrance, and leave using Jones Road.

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Volunteers will be on site to direct traffic, get purchased products to your vehicle, and help with payments. Follow their directions. And if possible, order products before you come to the market. Anyone showing visible signs of illness associated with coronavirus will be asked to leave. You may also contact growers to arrange for direct purchases. Find information for growers here: corralesgrowersmarket.com/vendors. Any questions? Please call 898-6336 or 414-6706.

Farmers’ markets large and small are adapting to the social distancing requirements of their communities. One of the biggest markets in the Southeast, the St. Petersburg, Florida, Saturday Morning Market, involves over 150 vendors of vegetables, crafts and prepared meals, and it, too, has managed to turn a socially popular, community hang-out event, into an order-ahead drive-thru project. All participants are encouraged to wear masks and wash their hands.

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